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My Long Tail Pro Review:

All website owners certainly want to rank at the top search engines to receive free traffic. But to do that, your site needs a high exposure and that isn’t a simple thing to do given the millions of blogs and sites out there, it’s difficult to gain organic traffic. But there’s a way to do it simpler and quicker using Long Tail Pro, a helpful tool for your website to gain higher ranking.

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Long Tail Pro Review
Long Tail Pro Review

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What is Long Tail Pro?

Long Tail Pro is a keyword research tool that helps you quickly and easily find low competition keywords for your website. By finding and using the right keywords, you have a high chance of outranking other websites in various search engines. If you want to earn traffic, leads and ultimately sales, ranking matters.

Need Free Traffic?

This keyword generator tool is intended specifically for individuals doing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) who want to obtain organic traffic to their website by having a strong ranking on search engines such as Google and Bing.

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Other than discovering lucrative keywords for your niche rapidly, you can also get recommendations for keywords in bulk. It also demonstrates you the keyword’s monthly search volume, advertiser offer, word number, rank value, and competitiveness of keywords.

Long Tail Pro Review
Long Tail Pro Review

Who is the Creator of Long Tail Pro?

Long Tail Pro creator is Spencer Haws. He has tested all types of distinct online business concepts such as developing niche websites, purchasing and selling websites, running a software company and selling physical products through Amazon FBA. Since 2011, he has been a full-time internet entrepreneur and owns dozens of niche websites.

He subsequently purchased the keyword generator back in 2016 and still uses the product after the purchase. BONUS*** Long Tail Pro is constantly being updated and enhanced.

How to Use Long Tail Pro?

Save time and get better rankings by using this effective tool. All you have to do is set up your account, download the file and install it into your hard drive. The license will allow you to install Long Tail Pro on up to 3 PCs then following the guidelines sent to you by email you can put it to work once you have signed up. Remember it is constantly being updated, making it easy to use.

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Open the tool and search keywords. Just fill out the information you need. You can even select the Country or region from which you want the keywords to be scrapped in order to find the keyword suggestions, bring the seed keyword. Suggestions can be filtered in three ways: Monthly Searches, Suggested Bid and Competition of Advertisers. Give the keywords tool a few minutes. Then, ideas for lengthy tail keywords will be given.

Long Tail Pro Review Advantages:

1. Obtaining suggestions for keywords in bulk.

2. Finding keywords for low competition that can improve your Google ranking.

3. With rank value, you can determine the profitability of keywords.

4. Easy to use and discover keywords that pass low competition, high search volume and possibly heightened conversion rate keyword criteria.

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5. They have assistance for chatting and emailing your requests.

6. From installing it on your desktop to web-based installation! An upgrade to make usage quicker and easier.

7. You can choose from an annual or monthly plan. Choose the best for you.

8. A lot of digital marketers have been helped.

9. You can export and demonstrate your rating monitoring graph to your boss or customers.

Long Tail Pro Review Disadvantages:

1. The functionality of rank monitoring is not unlimited. You’re going to have to pay more to track more keywords.

2. As it is web-based, it needs steady internet connection.

3. Sometimes in the competitor assessment show irregular text and URLs.

Long Tail Pro Review
Long Tail Pro Review


There are millions of keywords out there and to rank better you need to discover the best. That’s what you can do with Long Tail Pro. It narrows down the keywords that you can use to take advantage of a search engine’s free traffic. You can’t just select any keyword, there are criteria that need to be followed to correctly optimize your website for greater ranking, and this intelligent instrument can assist you accomplish it step by step.

Converting traffic into sales is likely one of the main factors you need to optimize your website because better ranking implies greater traffic without paying for costly advertisements. By selecting the correct lucrative keyword, you can save time and get better rankings with Long Tail Pro, a tool regarded to be the best in what it does.

Better search engine rankings imply better traffic to your website that can transform into more leads and sales for you and your company, because of the different criteria and page ranking rules you need to follow, this can be challenging.

Long Tail Pro exists, a keyword generator that helps you find the right keyword to gain better ranking in search engines.

Click here to check Long Tail Pro today and uncover profitable keywords!


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