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Understanding the Opposite Sex

Understanding the Opposite Sex

Brad Browning’s Ex Factor Guide on understanding the opposite sex is undoubtedly one of the planet’s most original books. While most of the relationship guides are about developing a healthy relationship, or embracing the opposite sex to better your marriage, etc., this book is about saving an ending relationship.

Rules for Opposite Gender Friendships

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Very often, before the break-up, there may be a lot of negative feelings and drama.

Make Him Yours Again

How do you overcome all these bad memories and get your ex to come back to you? You need to be Understanding the opposite sex.

You need a strategy … and the Ex Factor Guide is just that. It’s a plan like no other that uses human psychology to get your ex back. Most people make the biggest mistake when they get dumped by begging their ex.

Nonetheless, this guide turns the tables on the one that abandoned you.

Just when they think they’ve got the upper hand, their lack of interest in breaking up will make them suspicious and cause them to test why you haven’t made any contact. All of this is part of the plan.

Nonchalance, a cool attitude, and other games of the mind are used to increase your interest in the eyes of your ex. Once they realize they’re losing you and not yours, and by Understanding the opposite sex, they’re going to come back running.

This is basic human nature. The Ex Factor is eye-opening and very effective.

Let’s look at it in greater detail.

The Good Points:

Rules for opposite gender friendships - Understanding the Opposite Sex

1) This 220-page book is an online bestseller for years. It has sold thousands of copies and is still as popular. With tons of positive reviews and success stories from buyers, that’s strong social proof that the info in the guide works.

2) It’s easy to overreact and dig a deeper hole for yourself when you’re emotionally hurting. You may seem vulnerable, desperate and pathetic in your attempts to get your ex back. Your spouse will be hurt even more.

The Ex Factor lays out a detailed plan for you to follow. It’s simple, easy to understand and takes a systematic approach. All guesswork is taken out of the equation. You just need to adhere to the plan.

During a breakup, there is often anger and sometimes even hate. By begging your ex, you’ll be lowering your value and they may even snigger at your neediness while they get an ego boost.

The Ex Factor plan will throw them off guard because it works against human nature. By not being desperate, it’ll appear like you are having a better life without your ex. Suddenly, they may feel left out and think that they made a mistake.

Very often, being aloof is enough to get them to come back. In a way, these are mind games… and you must master the game to win them back. The Ex Factor will teach you all you need to know.

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3) For men and women, the programme has 2 different versions. That’s great. Most guides take a ‘ one size fits all ‘ approach in this niche and miserably fail. The Ex Factor works because gender-specific psychology is used and targets them with the right approach.

4) Worried that this product might not be for you? You’re covered by a 100% money-back guarantee. Try The Ex Factor for 60-days. If you do not get your ex back by then, you can always ask for a refund.

The very low refund rate indicates that this product has a high success rate. You’ll probably get your ex back and never need a refund.

5) There is 24-hour customer support. If you have any doubts or questions, you can easily reach them.

6) Brad has the credentials and is an authority on this topic. That probably explains why the information is accurate and so effective.

The Bad Points about understanding the opposite sex:

1) The efficacy of the methods in The Ex Factor is proven. However, in some relationships, the emotional scars are so deep that you just might not be able to win your ex back.

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If your partner caught you cheating, or if there was emotional and physical abuse that brought the relationship to an end, it may be impossible to try to get your ex back. You can try it, but you have to be aware that while this is an excellent programme, it does not have a success rate of 100 percent.

2) You can only get this guide online. You’ll need to print it out as a handy reference.

Should You Get It?

Learn the secrets of attracting the opposite sex

If you’re desperate to get back with you ex, this book will help you. Period.

Every single tip inside is tested, proven and works. You might be doing all the wrong things based on your emotions. Usually, you’ll be sabotaging your own efforts.

The Ex Factor Guide has a plan to keep you level-headed and act in a way that’s in your best interest. The advice is based on human psychology and that’s why it works so well. Most people just don’t have this understanding to win their ex over.

The Ex Factor offers you a plan to follow … and it’s all you need to do. You will see results in most situations and win back the attention of the one you felt you lost. Stop suffering from heart and mental anguish. Run the plan and get your ASAP ex back. Time is the essence of it.

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